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'three' immerses into the island life and culture

Updated: Mar 21, 2019


We have had a history of designing homes in some amazing places/destinations, and it has always been three's owner, Lisa Stidd's vision and dream of also being able to live and immerse, at least for a period of time, as they design and brainstorm in the earlier phases, in places outside of where they reside or have resided. So...

Our Experience...

What a joy to work hard and play hard in Maui... and this is exactly what we did in our 6 months designing and living on island. We set up a temporary basecamp/exterior office on site to design and sketch in the environment we will eventually build upon. We experience and study the winds, the sun and the surroundings. We infuse this initial design phase with intention as we understand and envision what the owners will experience in their days on this site.

We take our breaks... jump in the surf, as we swim with and watch the turtles float by, popping their heads up for a brief hello.

We paddleboard with the whales during whale season. On one occasion we were graced with a mama Humpback whale and her baby, keeping a respectful/safe distance away but close enough to have the most amazing time ever watching their sacred interaction for about thirty minutes.

We learn what we can about the Aloha culture and practicing it, visit the local farmer's markets weekly (our favorite up country in Pukalani), hike the local trails, attend local venues and be good stewards of the land in the time we have on island. Our 6 months fills us with gratitude, enriching our lives with this imprint and with a knowing we will return again as we have built lasting relationships, opening the door to a beautiful flow Mainland to Island in the coming years.

Mahalo, Maui

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