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Our thoughts about three...our firm.

The project is the vehicle in which the relationship is born...

without limitations, it may happen anywhere.

We celebrate this global approach and the experiences from such a happening. 

Learning about and supporting the local artisans and craftsman, understanding the traditional building methods and styles in each new environment we have the opportunity to design/build/work and play.


At three...  our main goals are:

~ Listening and learning your language, so that we can understand your dream and vision.


~ As our understanding deepens and we get to know your land and site, we begin to articulate and express our thoughts and ideas, this is a very exciting time in the process.

~ As we continue to collaborate, the dream/vision is nurtured taking its three-dimensional form, unique only to you and your site.  The final phase, your experience as you dwell in what came from our understanding more about you, connecting and fostering this relationship and your dream.  

We are committed to you and to the land/your property, to give a very thoughtful design response given the environment, culture, and your vision.  The land is our guide first and foremost, nothing can begin until our feet hit that dirt!  

We are known, also, to dwell for some time, in the locations where we design and our projects lead us.  We are flexible and nomadic in spirit, so this is an aspect that we may explore given your project is not located where our home design base is located. 

Our projects typically include residences, mixed use projects, coffee shops/cafes and specialty sports studios.  

Our roots... began in Telluride, Colorado.  But long before that,  

Designer, Lisa Stidd (Stidd-Silver formerly) grew up around building and the trades.  Her grandfather, an Electrical Contractor and Developer, and her cousins owned and operated a Framing Business.  She spent a summer while attending the Univ. of Illinois Architecture School, learning to frame houses in Southern Michigan under the supervision of her cousins who owned their Framing Business.  This experience, while only a short time, made a big impact on her ability to understand construction and framing as well as using her own hands to create with raw materials, carry those same materials, understanding their weight and feel, and using the tools of the time (basically tool belt, hammer, triangle and skilsaw).  This was more uncommon for a girl/woman, working out in the field, but she quickly learned her skill could match those of her male colleagues, but that the her particular female physical body and frame was more limited in the way that she could participate in carrying, say a single piece of 4 ft x 8 ft plywood, to the guys carrying 3 or 4 at one given time.  We each have our strengths, as well as our limits! 

After her first design internship she moved on to some very important forming years with a cutting edge, mostly residential firm, in Boca Raton, Florida. From Boca, one of her colleagues moved to the San Juan Mountain ski town of Telluride, thus creating a connection for a westward move in 1992.  Right away, the mountain vernacular language took hold... and how it related to the rugged landscape. This notion grabbed her... and fostered a curiosity to continue to explore that designing within a certain environment also means understanding and knowing that particular environment. 

The firm began in 2000, a majority of our time was spent in a funky little second story office (shared with a landscape architect) in a small Victorian gem located in a back alley facing the ski slopes and surrounded by the bowl of mountain peaks.  Inspiration was a constant and the connection to the land, very deep.  Most likely all of the hiking, biking and skiing for 16 years was how she developed her language with the land.  This was design basecamp for the first 8 years where she built lasting relationships with clients, builders, developers and realtors, many which have extended the opportunity to design and work in other areas, such as the introduction to Maui. 

In 2008 she relocated, with her children, to Portland, Oregon, to grow her project base and learn another language, the language of the land in the Northwest.  Here she had the opportunity to work with some of the leaders in sustainability and green building.  This was a period of great growth. 

Here, along with 6 more residential projects and a boutique spin studio in the Pearl District, design basecamp Northwest brought in the next 5 years.

In 2013, as her oldest went off to college on the east coast, it was time to learn another language (and find more sun-light)... that of the mountains meet the sea, bringing two of her passions together in Santa Barbara.  This is where the partnership was born as she met Tracy Collins (formerly Steinhauser) working collaboratively with a local Santa Barbara firm.  They merged their visions and expertise in 2014.  At this time they were working on projects in Santa Barbara, Telluride and Maui.  Together, along with their love for working on residential projects, they added another mixed use project, a coffee roastery/cafe and also a restaurant into their repertoire.  It's a joy also capturing the essence of the business owners through the architecture, bringing their personality and energy to life in what houses their clientele and where they work and play. 

They prefer to stay a small firm in order to offer the level of integrity and consistency to their work and their clients, while allowing for flexibility.  Each project allows them a new opportunity to connect and learn the way of another, in their environment... to take a fresh look with a completely open mind and heart.  This is where they begin each project!


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Lisa Stidd


My/Our architectural and philosophical reflections are above...

this incorporates and intertwines with how I experience life, endless connectivity and living life in the moment.  You will probably find me working out in the public sector/coffee shops & cafes, more than inside any office walls.  Freedom to create where I am called, is a necessity. 

My other passions, my three adult children, cycling in the mountains or seaside, hiking, practicing living serendipitously.  

tracy headshot.jpg

Tracy Collins 


Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, I received my bachelor of Architecture and Masters in Business Administration from Drury University in 2006.  I relocated to Los Angeles to work on several national and international projects with Gehry Partners.  I am licensed and have a thorough understanding and experience in construction detailing and on site construction administration.  Lisa and I began our collaboration in 2014, and we share a strong belief that architecture has the power to impact everyday life on many levels.  I am motivated to make each project the very best it can be!


Zachary Stuermer


As Georgia native, I grew up exploring every aspect of the outdoors from mountain biking, to backpacking to whitewater kayaking.  Through recent study abroad experiences in the pacific, I realized my passion for Sustainable Design and Architecture. I have spent much of my life contemplating ways to preserve the same outdoors I grew up in.  More recently though, I've also been dreaming ways to create, customize and build homes in which people can live their best lives cohabitating with their environment.

In 2018, I graduated from the Univ. of Georgia with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Ecology, while simultaneously falling in love with a wood working hobby.  After making some career changes as a pre-med student, I joined "three... a design studio" on the island of Maui in the summer of 2018, bringing a reverence for the outdoors and a drive to create spaces that can connect people with them.  I have been with the firm since then and in the fall of 2019 I will be attending Clemson University for their M. Arch III Program to further my career path.  The great outdoors still remains my primary residence, be it travelling the globe or rediscovering my own backyard on the Appalachian Trail, you're likely to find me somewhere outside with my toes in the dirt and paint on my hands.

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