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"The Timeless Way Of Building says that every society which is alive and whole, will have its own unique and distinct pattern language; and further, that every individual in such a society will have a unique language, shared in part, but which as a totality is unique to the mind of the person who has it.  In this sense, in a healthy society there will be as many pattern languages as there are people - even though these languages are shared and similar.”                                                                                                    Excerpt from     A Pattern Language




Time stands still as you enter this retreat.  Bordering an archaeological site and park, it was our intention to design a home which fosters contemplation and a one-ness with its surroundings, honoring what has been/is/and will be.  We feel this was achieved by situating the home on the site in a way, mostly single story with an open plan, museum-like in quality, hovering above the ocean, accentuating this feeling of floating in time.  The space draws you outside, upon entering, while also inviting you to linger inside before doing so. 

We wanted the interior experience to hold the clients and their family as a museum holds its paintings... each individual space and person sacred, precious and unique.  This celebration of the sacred beauty inside and out, should be seamless. This was our task and mission... we feel we succeeded.

Photography by Peter Malinowski

Insite Architectural Photography

To create a place which reflects its owners, high energy, but chill!  An intentional space to interact, socialize, work/study and educate in the process and art of roasting coffee while sipping and tasting the finery of their roasting in their specialty coffee drinks, craft beers, fine wines, and most delicious handmade on site, pastries and creative cuisine.

Possibly most important...they endeavor to, and successfully create, a sense of family and a place of belonging, every day!!  We hope we captured and created this sense of family and the warmth of home.

The space itself, located on De La Vina Street, has historic roots in Santa Barbara.  Originally a grocery & produce market dating back to the early 1930's.  

This is location #2, original HB is on Canon Perdido... another gem.

Photography by Peter Malinowski

Insite Architectural Photography







01  /  17  /  2019

three... immerses into the island life and  hawaiian culture


02  /  11  /  2019

research project, the 'stidd effect' is born
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